The World's Largest Game Of Its Kind!

Roll the dice and play on Macomb’s Historic Courthouse Square! Macombopoly is the world’s largest Monopoly-style game of its kind, paying homage to both the classic board game and its inspiration – The Landlord's Game, invented by former Macomb resident Elizabeth “Lizzie” Magie-Phillips.

This permanent attraction, available 24/7 365, features an immersive, state of the art App by eATLAS! that allows players to experience the classic game though trivia, historic events, video. Lizzie Magie will event tell you hear own story as he photograph come to life!  You may even have to Go To Jail. All this while using the historic square as the 4,000 foot game board.

Plus, larger-than-life game pieces surround the Courthouse lawn – including giant spinning dice, a recreation of Abraham Lincoln’s famous stovepipe hat, – plus a life-size sculpture of Lizzie Magie-Phillips, all masterfully sculpted by Gabe Stevens of MasterPiece Customs.


Click here for more info about Monopoly & it's inventor Lizzie Magie

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind attraction in Downtown Macomb!

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