Macombopoly ~ The World’s Largest Monopoly Game!

Something BIG is Coming to Downtown Macomb!

Coming May 9, 2024 at 11:00 AM!

The World’s Largest Monopoly Game!

Roll the dice and play on Macomb’s Historic Courthouse Square! Macombopoly will be the world’s largest Monopoly board, paying homage to both the classic board game and its inspiration – The Landlord’s Game, invented by Macomb resident Elizabeth “Lizzie” Magie-Phillips.

The game will be played through the use of a state-of-the-art app powered by eATLAS as the players circle Macomb’s actual historic Downtown Courthouse Square. The Square in fact looks remarkably similar the the revolutionary game board that Lizzie Magie design in 1904. In fact the corner in which Lizzie placed the famous Jail square on her game board will match up with the same downtown corner in which the Macomb Jail originally stood.

This permanent attraction will also feature larger-than-life game pieces around the Courthouse lawn – including giant spinning dice and a recreation of Abraham Lincoln’s famous stovepipe hat, a huge Monopoly/Landlord’s hybrid split game board – plus a life-size sculpture of Lizzie, all masterfully sculpted by Gabe Stevens of MasterPiece Customs.

Go to eATLAS to download our FREE Macombopoly adventure Mobil App and all of Visit Unforgettable Forgottonia’s adventures.