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Macomb was named for whom?
Did the famous board game Monopoly have it origins in Macomb?

Elizebeth Magie, who was born in Macomb in, created The Landlord’s Game. The original board game, that closely resembles the layout of Macomb’s historic downtown square, eventually evolved into the game we know today as Monopoly.

Name the famous bootlegger from Colchester, IL.

Kelly Wagel died from two blasts from a double-barreled, sawed off shotgun, murdered on Macomb Street in downtown Colchester.

What Library is the most Famous in Macomb?

Macomb is home to one of the original Andrew Carnegie Libraries.

Does Macomb have any historic musicians?

Famous jazz saxophonist Big Al Sears was born in Macomb and went on to become one of Duke Ellington’s best-know soloist, a record label owner and played rock & roll in Alan Freed’s touring band.

Has Amelia Earhart ever visited Macomb?

In 1936 the former Lamoine Hotel at the corner of Randolph & Carroll streets was once host to the famous pilot Amelia Earhart.

Where has Lawerence Welk played in the Macomb area?

Lawrence Welk and his band played in Macomb in 1931 at the Zahren’s Rooftop Garden, which was on the rooftop of the building at the corner of Washington St. and Lafayette.

What Civil Rights Movement leader was born in Macomb?

Minister, author, and close friend and lieutenant of Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement, C.T. Vivian was born in Macomb in 1924.

What famous photographer operated in Macomb?

One of Macomb's most famous photographers was a woman. Laura Gaites operated a photography studio in Macomb, during her long career she took 35,000 photographs working until her death at the age of 90.

What German POW camp was in the area during World War II?

Camp Ellis in Fulton County, a military training facility had a prisoner of war camp. At its peak in 1944, almost 5,000 prisoners were housed at the camp.

When was Macombs first fast food restaurant?

Macomb got its first fast food restaurant in 1964 it was the The Satellite opened on 700 W Jackson Street

Who was the first female physician in Macomb?

Elizabeth Miner was the first female physician in Macomb. She entered school using her initials to register.

What textile was famous in the Macomb area?

Several potteries have been located in the Macomb area—including Buckeye, Macomb Stoneware and the most recent Haeger Pottery.

What NFL team held it's training camp in Macomb?

The WIU campus and its Hanson Field Stadium were home to the St. Louis Rams football summer training camp from 1996-2004. 

What is Nagel Roller Mills famous for?

Nagel Roller Mills of Bushnell, IL invented the processing of Rolled Oats which was sold to Quaker Oats.

What Circus has its roots in Macomb IL?

In 1867 the DeHaven & Johnson Circus was formed in Macomb, IL

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