Blandin House Museum


(309) 652-3324

Built in the 1840’s, The Blandin House was not only home to the founders of the village of Blandinsville, it once hosted a young ambitious politician from Springfield named Abe Lincoln. Today this historic site houses the local museum. On May 16, 1970, a group of concerned citizens, led by Mrs. Blanche Hainline, bought the vacant brick house on the east side of the village park and started a museum to honor founding father, Joseph Blandin and his family. Joseph Blandin’s son, Charles Blandin had lived in the house on Chestnut Street. Over the years, the Museum has added many artifacts from the history of Blandinsville. The Blandin House Museum is located on Chestnut Street, west of the Blandinsville village park.

Open by appointment only by calling Lori Boyer at 309-652-3324 or checking with the Blandinsville Library. They are happy to open the Museum for visitors, families or groups anytime during the year, so be sure to call ahead.


NOTE: The Blandin House Museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020. On Saturday, May 30, 2020, during the annual Blandinsville Farmers’ Picnic, the Museum will be hosting a reunion gathering for descendants of the Blandin family. Blandin descendants traveling from Montana and California plan to attend.