Larry A’s Pizza ~ Named one of America’s Best Restaurants 


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Everyone in Forgottonia has always known that Larry A’s Pizza is Unforgettable, but now Larry A’s is recognized as one of the best in the nation! America’s Best Restaurants chose Larry A’s to be featured on their nationally syndicated television show! And here’s why…

When James Aurelio opened the now legendary Italian Village (affectionately referred to as The I.V.) in downtown Macomb in 1952, it was Unforgettable Forgottonia‘s very first pizzeria and the the very first to create Ham Pizza! Today, “Jimmy’s” son, Larry, carries on that family tradition at Larry A’s.  And Larry’s producing the very same trademark thin crust, tavern-style pizza, that’s been adored for decades by countless satisfied Forgottonians.

Larry A’s proudly offers a mouth-watering menu of authentic Italian entrees including pizza, calzones, salads and specialty sandwiches that also won McDonough County’s “Best of the Best” award for four consecutive years!. Using an over 70-year old family recipe and the finest of ingredients, they remains true to his old-world Italian heritage. Larry A’s, make their own dough, sausage and sauce fresh daily. They even shred their mozzarella the old school way, from large blocks of fine cheese to insure quality and freshness. Reasonable prices, exceptional service and Unforgettable pizza; that’s Larry A’s. But don’t just take American’s Best Restaurantsword for it, check it out for yourself.


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