Sullivan-Taylor Coffee House

In the shadow of Macomb’s historic county courthouse, the Taylor block building has stood for a century and a quarter, stately watching over the downtown from the southeast corner of the square. Though countless, offices and businesses have occupied this hallowed structure, few have been more popular or enduring than Sullivan-Taylor Coffee House.

McDonough County’s longest serving coffee house, Sul-Tay, as it’s affectionately been nicknamed has been plying customers with their favorite style of coffee or tea, made from scratch cookies, brownies, muffins, scones, Italian Sodas and possibly the best chicken salad in all of Forgottonia. Plus, Sul-Tay‘s new weekly specialty sandwiches and salads brings a delicious urban esthetic to a menu delivered from the prompt, friendly, eclectic bohemian staff.

With adjoining access to The Wine Seller, this low key, relaxing shop, which also offers free Wi-Fi and a wide selection of drinks and foods in a comfy setting, is also the town’s epicenter for local color. With Sullivan-Taylor’s interesting mix of students, travelers and locals, you’ll find lively conversations as scholars debate and regulars hold court. Don’t be surprised if they invite you to join them.