Rialto Cinemas


Movie line: (309) 833-2626 Office: (309) 833-2900

Macomb’s Rialto Cinemas is a first run theater featuring six screens, stadium seating, bargain ticket prices and soda & popcorn starting at just $3.75! And on Half-Price Tuesdays, concession prices on individual fountain sodas and popcorn drop even lower!

The first Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each month feature the Rialto Cinemas Film Festival, showcasing current culturally relevant and cinematically impressive independent films.

Before Noon
$4.50 + free small popcorn!

Shows before 6pm
Weekday Matinee $4.99
Weekend Matinee $5.99

For shows after 6pm
Weekday Evening: $5.99
Weekend Evening: $6.99

Half Price Popcorn & Soda