Prairie Land Conservatory – Wigwam Hollow Bird Sanctuary

Founded in 2008, the mission of Prairie Land Conservancy is to preserve wildlife habitat, open space, natural areas and sustainable agricultural land within west-central Illinois. They are a division of Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development.

Prairie Land Conservancy is currently working to restore 200 acres of woodland at Wigwam Hollow Bird Sanctuary in  Macomb, IL in an effort to #bringbirdsback!

Wigwam Hollow Bird Sanctuary at 1600 Wigwam Hollow Road in Macomb, is protected by Prairie Land Conservancy.   In 2012, PLC acquired 18 acres of the property from the Illinois Audubon Society.   In 2019, Lew and Suanne Marx donated an additional 181 acres of adjoining land increasing the size of the sanctuary by ten times. Bisecting this land is Wigwam Hollow Creek that joins the protected east fork of the La Moine River. Restoration goals of this oak-hickory woodland are to manage, enhance, and create new habitat for migratory birds, declining bird species, and endangered Indiana bats.

Prairie Land Conservancy plans to eventually open the sanctuary for public use. This land is being conserved, in part, by funding made available as mitigation for impacts caused by the construction and maintenance of the Enbridge Pipelines, LLC, Flanagan south Pipeline. The Conservation Fund is working in partnership with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to manage the pipeline mitigation funds as part of its Midwest Habitat Fund.

The Conservancy is currently employing a small herd of goats to work away at Wigwam Hollow Bird Sanctuary, clearing away invasive plants like such as honeysuckle bush which is pervasive throughout the understory.