Little Creek Alpacas Farm

Little Creek Alpacas is a small family farm located in Forgottonia‘s Plymouth, IL,  less than 30 minutes southwest of Macomb, IL. They raise Suri and Huacaya alpacas, breeding mostly for appaloosa, pattern, light fawn, white, grey, and black fleece. Little Creek currently sell breeding stock, and fiber & pet Suri and Huacaya alpacas, as well as a wide variety of products made from these beautiful animals’ soft, downy coats.

Little Creek Alpacas farm was born out of a great love for animals, as well as the desire to become more self sufficient. They grow alpacas  because they are docile, earth friendly, and produce a wonderful, luxurious fiber. Did you know that alpaca fiber is not only soft, durable, warm, moisture wicking, flame retardant, water and stain resistant, but it is also superior to cashmere?

Would you like some clothing or product made from Little Creek Alpaca wool? Check out their Etsy Store

Little Creek Alpacas Farm is open by appointment only, but they do have events that are open to the public throughout the year. May through October are the Alpaca Beach Parties which are once or twice a month.

2022 Free Admission Schedule

Sun., May 22nd 1pm-5pm

Sat , June 11th 3pm-7pm

Sun., June 12th 12pm-4pm

Sun., July 17th 4pm-7pm

Sat., Aug. 6th 3pm-7pm

Sun., Aug. 7th 12pm-4pm

Sat., Sept. 24th 1pm-5pm

Sun., Sept. 25th 12pm-4pm

Sun., Oct. 16th 1pm-4pm