Community News Brief

The Community News Brief  is a thrice weekly local newspaper providing a quick read on what’s happening in the area. Distributed Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout our hometowns the publication consisting of brief local news stories, local events, community calendar, and special interesting features including puzzles, classified and display advertising, and more. 

Readers can pick Monday’s & Wednesday’s free editions at the Community Brief offices on the east side of the Macomb Square or at more than 55 Forgottonia locations, including Astoria, Vermont, Ipava, Table GroveIndustry, Macomb, Bushnell and throughout McDonough County and much of Unforgettable Forgottonia.

The Community News Brief‘s free edition is published every Monday and Wednesday with the Friday subscription edition delivered to your door weekly. It includes features about local people, schools, park districts, area happenings, police news, local obituaries for the week, real-estate transactions, a community calendar of local events and so much more, and only $45  for a full year subscription!

As one reader put it “This little paper packs it ALLLL in and doesn’t miss a thing…. from all the local and public interest stories to news and events, you can be sure you will be up to date on everything with this paper. I highly recommend it – a great asset to our community.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

And while you’re there, check out The Community Market where you’ll find handcrafted items created by local artists along side distinctive vintage antiques and collectible items.


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