Cole Street Coffee House


(309) 569-4009

Cole Street Coffee House started as a dream planted in the hearts of two individuals who wanted to find a way to gift the community of Bushnell a place to sit, relax, have a wonderful cup of coffee, and they have been working to make the dream a flourishing reality ever since.

The heart of Cole Street Coffee House is simple: To provide outreach, encouragement, and support alongside excellent coffee, delicious coffee cakes, and made to order breakfast sandwiches.

Cole Street Coffee House are proud to source a portion of our beans from a collaborative of almost 500 small farmers in Motozintla, Mexico. Since 1847 Motozintla has been known for its healthy and distinctive volcanic soil that provides their coffee with a distinct taste profile and excellent quality. They invite you to enjoy the full-bodied flavors of their coffee in each distinctive variety available both as whole bean and ground.

And remember, while you’re there don’t forget to try Cole Street Coffee House’s delicious, homemade coffee cakes and Build-Your-Own Breakfast Sandwiches!

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