Camp Creek Cemetery

Camp Creek Cemetery is located approximately 8 miles due south of Macomb in McDonough County just to the north west of the village of Industry, IL.

Camp Creek Presbyterian Church, originally located about a half mile east of this cemetery, was established about 1832, however, members congregated in private homes, barns, or in the open until the original church building was completed in 1834-44. The building was in use until about 1861, when a new, larger one was erected about a mile northeast of the original site.

The first settlers to establish permanent homes in this area arrived in the late 1820’s and the first burial in the Camp Creek settlement area was reportedly that of a migrant who died here about 1831. He was said to have been buried a short ways west of the present site of the cemetery but was later moved to the fenced grounds. Camp Creek Cemetery is still being used and is regularly maintained; the grounds are fenced and very well kept.

Many of Camp Creek’s older stones are weather-worn to the point of unreadability but many of the monuments are standing erect. During a survey, made in early 1974, the earliest-dated stone located was 1837.