Bickford Assisted Living of Macomb

Welcome to Bickford of Macomb, one of Illinois’s premier assisted living communities.

Bickford of Macomb offers premier assisted living services. The fullest expression of assistance comes with an intimate understanding of they’re residents at Bickford of Macomb. Each resident of the Illinois assisted living home is unique, as are the services they require, and the manner in which they wish for them to be met.

Nothing can replace home – this those at Bickford of Macomb know. The smells that waft through the open door, the tattered edges of the overstuffed chair in the living room, the faded photographs on the mantle, the memories…lifetimes are built on these things; happiness dwells in them. At Bickford of Macomb assisted living they don’t ask you to give up your home, your treasures, your memories. Instead, they encourage you to bring the pieces of the home you love into their assisted living community and make it your own.