Beck’s Snack Bar


(309) 776-5228

A fixture in downtown Colchester, Beck’s Snack Bar specializes in delicious home-style breakfast and lunch. As the village’s unofficial town hall, Beck’s is where the locals, area farmers and town characters meet and eat.

Hot breakfast any way you like it, delicious down-home daily specials, and the place for the regions favorite Pork T and loose meat “Maid-Rite” style sandwiches. Steamed and spiced lean ground beef spilling over a griddle toasted bun, topped with mustard, pickle and onion (don’t ask for ketchup unless you want to appear a novice.) Better order two, because after your first bite, you’ll know one of these mouthwatering sandwiches, just won’t be enough.

Beck’s Snack Bar is open Monday-Friday, 6:00AM-1:30PM, and get there early, they’ve been known run out.