Barefoot Gardens CSA


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Barefoot Gardens CSA* is Unforgettable Forgottonia’s edible landscape where members harvest their own vegetables, flowers, herbs and berries each week during the growing season. They grow just about every vegetable and herb that can be grown in this climate and that people actually eat. An individual, couple or family can become a member on a monthly or seasonal basis which entitles members to a weekly visit to the gardens to harvest what you need.

But Barefoot Gardens is more than a weekly box of vegetables. They create a garden that is yours to share with the other members of CSA.   When you visit Macomb‘s Barefoot Gardens, you are invited to walk among the garden beds and harvest the available flowers, vegetables, herbs, and berries that you need for the week.  If harvesting brings to mind slaving under a hot sun, you should know that most people are able to harvest what they need for the week in 10 or 15 minutes and that the vast majority of members really do prefer harvesting for themselves. However, one of Barefoot Gardens staff is also usually on hand to help you,  and members often help each other and share information while harvesting. 


*CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a movement that brings people, food and land together by creating a partnership between community members and local food growers.  Individuals pay for a season’s worth or “share” of produce in advance thereby helping their farmer pay for supplies early in the season and sharing in the risks inherent in all forms of agriculture.   The grower then provides produce, flowers and herbs on a weekly basis (according to what is ready for harvest) throughout the duration of the growing season.