Ball Fore Family Entertainment Center

Take in all the energy and entertainment available through the abounding opportunities at Ball Fore Family Entertainment Center! Mundane does not exist within the vast array of choices distributed throughout this park. Treat yourself, family, friends, or colleagues to an interactive day at the park.

Macomb‘s Ball Fore Family Entertainment Center has something for everyone including eight batting cages, an 18 hole mini-golf course, batting cages, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts and concessions.

And introducing in the 2024 season, Park Golf.  Originating in Japan in the early 1980s, the sport consists of 18 holes with pars 3, 4 and  5.  Holes are shorter in length and narrow. Park Golf plays faster than traditional golf with 18 hole rounds lasting only 50-70 minutes.

Ball Fore‘s “Park Golf” course is the newest of only three other courses of its kind in the nation!