Woodrum Auto Rentals

Woodrum Automotive

Woodrum Automotive is a full-service new and used car dealership in Macomb, Illinois, that’s been serving local motorists since 1969. We’re a family-owned and operated auto dealer that’s built a reputation for stability and reliability, both in our products and services. The Woodrum team is committed to being that dependable car dealership that drivers can count…

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What is Uber you may ask?  It’s the easiest and cheapest private driver service. And Yes! Uber is available in Macomb and Forgottonia, Illinois.  In fact, there is an Uber app available for iPhone, Android and Windows smart phones. Find Macomb’s drivers status on the local Lyft/Uber Riders page on Facebook.

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Lyft logo

Lyft is now available in Macomb and Forgottonia! And there’s never been an easier way to get around. Just download Lyft app for iPhone or Android, and get a friendly, affordable ride within minutes. Just tap a button, and you’ll get picked up by a Lyft driver. When the ride ends, the app automatically charges your…

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Amtrak Passenger Train & Macomb Historic Depot

Opened in 1913, this historic train station constructed by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad was designed by the railroad’s architect Walter Theodore Krausch. You can comfortably enjoy it’s vintage ambiance while awaiting  Amtrak‘s twice daily services between Chicago and Quincy, both of which pull into Macomb‘s beautifully restored classic railway depot. The Unforgettable Forgottonia (MACVB)…

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Macomb Municipal Airport

Macomb Municipal Airport offers Self-Service 100LL and Jet-A 24 hours a day.  During normal business hours full-service fuel is also offered. The airport sits on 380 acres of which 250 acres is farmed and 130 acres for airport use. Annual events include an open house/fly-in and breakfast during the community Heritage Days celebration on the last…

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