Looking For Lincoln Self-Guided Tour

Stickle Half-Way House Lincoln #3

Through the Looking For Lincoln offices in Springfield, IL and the U.S. National Parks Service, Macomb celebrates it’s designation as an Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area by way of it’s Looking For Lincoln Self-Guided Tour. This unique attraction allows users to experience 11 significant sites throughout Macomb and McDonough County directly related and pertaining to Abraham Lincoln…

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McDonough County’s Largest Mural

Old Dairy Mural

At nearly 15 feet high and stretching over 60 feet long, McDonough County’s Largest Mural stands in a whimsy of colorful display on the north side of The Old Dairy  just off Macomb’s Historic Courthouse Square. Working in conjunction with the Macomb Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, The Old Dairy and the Macomb office of…

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Living Lincoln Topiary Monument

Abe with Macomb's Living Lincoln Topiary Monument

The Living Lincoln Topiary Monument is a 15 feet high and 8 feet wide bust of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. It’s mixed media construction of durable cast stone and steel features a unique topiary aspect in which the 16th president’s beard consist of real living flowering plants and greenery, making it the only sculpture of…

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Lawrence Yates Sherman – U.S. Senator

Sen. Sherman

Lawrence Yates Sherman was born November 8, 1858 in Miami County, Ohio. His parents Nelson and Maria (Yates) Sherman, first moved to McDonough County, Illinois in 1859 and eventually settled in Jasper County in 1867. Sherman attended public school and the Lees Academy in Coles County. In order to pay for a college education he alternately…

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Ed & Lon Maxwell (alias The Williams Bros.) – Outlaws

Two of the most notorious men this county ever produced, and who at one time attained a national reputation for their murderous and nefarious deeds, were Edward and Alonzo Maxwell, the outlaw brothers, raised in Forgottonia‘s  McDonough County, who rivaled Frank and Jesse James in their notoriety. Beginning with petty thievery in Blandinsville, IL and ending with the…

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C.V. Chandler

Charles Vilasco Chandler was born in Macomb, McDonough County, IL., January 25, 1843. His father, Col. Charles Chandler, who died December 26, 1878, was a prominent banker of Macomb and a sagacious financier. In 1852 Chandler was persuaded by his friend William H. Randolph to partner in an investment of land in McDonough County to the…

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William H. Randolph

William H. Randolph was born in Ohio in 1813. At the age of 21 he moved to Rushville and then Macomb where he opened a grocery store in 1834. He was a talented and popular young man who was elected sheriff in 1838 and was twice re-elected. In 1844 he was elected to the Illinois…

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Randolph House Hotel

The Randolph House building was, in earlier times, the finest hotel in Illinois between Chicago and Quincy. During the campaign of 1858 Abraham Lincoln was a guest here on at least two separate occasions, August 25 and October 25. The Randolph House was built on the southeast corner of Macomb’s Square in 1857 by William H. Randolph,…

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