Neal Gamm ~ Governor of Forgottonia

Gov. Neal Gamm

Elected Governor at 25 years old, a young whippersnapper named Neal Gamm poised as the head of a rag-tag group of activists who would come to capture the attention of the nation. As Wikipedia notes, there has long been frustration with the lack of support for regional transportation projects. In 1971, the Republic of Forgottonia…

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When The Chicago Cubs Played In Forgottonia

1910 Chicago Cubs

No one alive today can recall when the Chicago Cubs came to Forgottonia to play baseball, but they did just that, and not only once, but twice! For three seasons  Macomb had a minor league baseball team in the Class D level Illinois-Missouri League. The Macomb Potters  joined the league in its startup year, 1908 and folded on August 17, 1910. The Potters began…

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Underground Railroad In McDonough County

Allison Family Farm - Underground RailRoad "Station"

The Illinois leg of the famous Underground Railroad  ran directly through McDonough County from it’s origin in Quincy, IL where slaves arriving clandestinely from the Southern Confederate States via the Mississippi River stopped seeking refuge in free Northern Union States and Canada.  The County’s two most prominent conductors on the “railroad” were the Allison and Blazer families. Below you…

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Looking For Lincoln Self-Guided Tour

Stickle Half-Way House Lincoln #3

Through the Looking For Lincoln offices in Springfield, IL and the U.S. National Parks Service, Macomb celebrates it’s designation as an Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area by way of it’s Looking For Lincoln Self-Guided Tour. This unique attraction allows users to experience 10 significant sites throughout Unforgettable Forgottonia‘s Macomb and McDonough County directly related and pertaining to Abraham Lincoln…

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Macomb Murals Tour

Old Dairy Mural

Conceived in 2018, the Macomb Murals Project was initiated by the offices of Visit Forgottonia/Macomb Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Beginning with the inaugural dedication of The Old Dairy Mural, the project was designed with the goal of inspiring other organizations and community members to create their own murals, and the plan worked. Since 2018…

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Living Lincoln Topiary Monument

Abe with Macomb's Living Lincoln Topiary Monument

The Living Lincoln Topiary Monument is a 15 feet high and 8 feet wide bust of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. It’s mixed media construction of durable cast stone and steel features a unique topiary aspect in which the 16th president’s beard consist of real living flowering plants and greenery, making it the only sculpture of…

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